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Tips for a Healthier Fall

It is that time of year (some call it “flu season”), time for some tips for a healthier fall.  I am already seeing folks coming into the studio with their coughs and sniffles, even some rashes and skin issues. This may be allergies due to seasons’ change, or viral situations. I am also hearing folks […]

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week 3

Olivia – Week 3 review

Olivia’s review of Week 3 My third week at Roots of Integrity has been my favorite week so far! It was filled with many exciting opportunities and lots of learning from Madeline, Val, and Briana. On Monday, Madeline showed me how to navigate MindBody, taught me how to input client information, file paperwork, schedule appointments, […]

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Olivia – Week 2 in review

Olivia’s Synopsis of Week 2 My second week at ROI was both similar and different than my first week’s experiences. I was introduced to the business side of MindBody, I learned how to answer the phones and sign clients up for packages, as well as ensuring clients are up-to-date on their packets, and I sat […]

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Olivia’s first week

Throughout my first week I observed 12 different clients, either once or multiple times, in private or small class Pilates, Gyrotonics, and Gyrokinesis. Previously, I have taken Pilates classes, but very few and not very recently. And, I had never seen gyrotonics or gyrokinesis. Overall, I noticed the importance of the breath and breathing throughout […]

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Knowing when to stop coaching……

I intend on writing articles much more frequently than I do.  I get ideas, or itches, to write based on things I feel passionate about, but often I do not follow-through, I worry the topic is too controversial, or I fear I am going to be perceived as self-important. Today, something struck me to finally […]

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